Zishan Ashraf

Head of Logistics

Organised Health Technologies Ltd


Zishan is a 23 year old entrepreneur with a significant amount of start-up experience. Having started his first company, iamhungover.co.uk, at the age of 17. Iamhungover.co.uk was an on-demand delivery service going viral in 2013. They were a whatever you crave delivery service and completed more than 4000 deliveries in their 8 months of operation. Having eventually stopped their operations after facing a legal case from McDonalds Corporation (US). iamhungover.co.uk was bought by Jinn in 2015 and Zishan managed their operations within Scotland. Managing over 120 drivers across Edinburgh and Glasgow, Zishan has a vast knowledge of the on-demand sector. Zishan joined Organised Health Technologies earlier this year as Head of Logistics. Organised Health Technologies is a digital health start-up focussing on streamlining the arduous process of picking up and managing repeat medication

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